Annandale, MN, Breast Cancer Screening Center

A breast cancer screening is an important health exam for anyone who has breasts. At Stellis Health, we provide 3D mammography services for patients in the Annandale, MN, area.

Breast Screening

Our breast screening services are designed to catch early signs of cancer. 3D screenings are between 20 and 65 percent more effective than traditional 2D screenings and also return fewer false results.

If you are looking for a breast screening center in the Annandale area, turn to Stellis Health.

Other Services

In addition to breast cancer screenings, Stellis Health offers a range of women’s health services, including annual exams; prenatal, postnatal, and childbirth care; mental health services; and birth control.

The team at Stellis Health is dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate health services to patients of all ages. Our women’s health services are available for women of all ages from teens through menopause. We also offer virtual screenings for those who are unable to travel or for conditions that can be diagnosed over telehealth.

Stellis Health has offered services to the Annandale, MN, area since 1951 with clinics in Buffalo, Monticello and Albertville with a team of over 60 providers. Call 763-684-3600 to schedule an appointment at our breast cancer screening center in Buffalo.