Flu Shot in Annandale, MN

The flu affects countless people every year, some more severely than others. So why not protect yourself against this illness? With flu season upon us in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to reduce your risk for getting the flu. Stellis Health offers flu shots to the Annandale, MN, area at our clinic in Buffalo, MN. Rather than risk your health, get your flu shot today.

What Does a Flu Shot Do?

A flu shot causes antibodies to build up in your systems after vaccination. These antibodies fight against the viruses used to create the vaccine, should you come into contact with them. This keeps your body strong and keeps you healthy during the flu season.

Why Should You Get One?

Not only does a flu shot keep you from getting sick, but it is a great way to keep those around you healthy as well. When you get sick, you almost always spread it to those you spend time around, whether at work or at home. When you are vaccinated, you can keep from spreading the virus to others. A flu shot is also important if you have chronic health conditions that often cause worse sickness and sometimes hospitalization.

Why Choose Us?

We have been in business for over 65 years, so you can trust us to treat you with care every time you come in. Come in for your flu shot today, or call us with any questions at 763-682-1313.

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