<strong>Health Benefits of Nasal Breathing (2-3 min read)</strong>

Promoting Better Sleep March is sleep awareness month. One way to promote better sleep is to breathe through your nose. How do  you know you are doing so? Let’s dive into the benefits of nasal breathing, as well as tricks and tips you can use to ensure you are breathing through your nose, and getting […]

Pick Up a Pack of Pickleball Paddles for your heart health (3 min read)

Say this title’s tongue twister 10 times. This title is not the only thing getting twisted. As Pickleball popularity grows, so do the reported injuries. The sport has popularized the injury of “pickleball elbow” – another name for “tennis elbow” or lateral epicondylitis. But, does heart health outweigh the risks? Pickleball 101 Pickleball is a […]

Two New Physician Assistants join Stellis Health

Board Certified Physician Assistants Cally Hinrichs and Molly Koisti recently joined Stellis Health. “We are thrilled to welcome Cally (back) and Molly to our medical team and our community,” says Brent Wilde, CEO of Stellis Health. “Their focus on prevention and expertise in DOT physicals are a great complement to our medical staff and resource […]

Streaking Can Be Healthy [4 min read]

If you have ever struggled with sticking with something, or achieving your New Year’s Resolution, give streaking a try. Get your mind out of the gutter; we are referring to fitness streaking, not running naked in front of a crowd. Fitness streaking is committing to exercising for a certain period of time and a specific […]

New internal medicine physician joins Stellis Health

Internist Carla Schultz, MD, recently joined Stellis Health to care for adults ages 18 plus. “We are excited to welcome Dr. Schultz to our medical team and community,” says Brent Wilde, CEO of Stellis Health. “Her teaching expertise and approach to providing holistic healthcare with joint patient-doctor decision making are a perfect fit with Stellis […]

Tony Lesch, PA-C, named 2022 Clinical Instructor of the Year

Augsburg University is proud to award the 2022 Clinical Instructor of the Year award to one of our 1999 alumni: Tony Lesch. Each year, Augsburg University awards one of their preceptors with the Clinical Instructor of the Year. This award celebrates the positive impact a professional clinical preceptor has had on our students throughout the […]

Spooktacular News: Skin Exams Aren’t the Least Bit Scary [5 minute read]

Skin Cancer Screening Our skin care experts diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions such as skin cancer, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, warts, rashes, moles, and more. We offer full body skin exams for skin cancer screenings and diagnose and treat most skin conditions. We’re dedicated to effectively treating your skin conditions and helping […]

Post-Pandemic Hope for Mental Health – by Sara Janzen, MSW, LICSW [4 min read]

Have you been feeling down in the dumps? Have you been unable to gain back your usual exuberance and energy? You are not alone. Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental illness. In February 2021 37.2% of adults in Minnesota reported symptoms of anxiety or depression. In Minnesota last […]

Back-to-School Checkups: Homework for Parents [5 min read]

Back-to-school time is right around the corner and between the trips for new clothes and school supplies, it’s also critically important to schedule a wellness checkup for your child. And while the kids are the focus of the appointment, you as the parent have some assignments too. Think back to skills and subjects from your […]