Flu Shot near Big Lake, MN

Stellis Health provides quality health care services to people living in Big Lake, MN, and the surrounding areas. One of the services we offer is yearly flu shots. Why do you need to get a flu shot?

The Importance of Receiving Flu Shots

Flu season happens every year in the fall and winter, which is when you should receive a flu shot. With flu season upon us in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to reduce your risk for getting the flu.

The flu virus evolves very quickly, and the vaccination you got a year ago is not enough to protect you from the flu this year, which is why you need to get a new shot every year. At-risk individuals, such as young children, the elderly, or pregnant women, should especially get flu shots.

The Benefits of Receiving Flu Shots

Flu vaccines create antibodies in your body about two weeks after receiving a flu shot. These antibodies protect against common flu viruses and make it less likely that you will get sick. Flu shots also help prevent hospitalizations and deaths that occur due to the flu and help you protect the people around you from getting sick as well.

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