Infertility Doctors for Big Lake, MN

Many couples struggle with infertility, which can be discouraging when you are ready to grow your family. But even if you’ve been unable to conceive, you still have options. The experienced team at Stellis Health offers infertility services for the Big Lake, MN, area to help couples improve their chances of conception.

What We Do

The first step to treat infertility is to determine the cause. To address this, we run a number of different tests to determine how to best treat the issue.

Once we find the source of the infertility struggles, we’ll begin developing a personalized plan for treatment. Each couple and situation is different, so we provide unique treatment plans for each patient. We may recommend different intercourse techniques as well as health adjustments, or specialty procedures.

Who We Are

We treat each patient like a member of the family and provide quality care and superior services.

If you or your partner struggles with infertility, come to Stellis Health near Big Lake, MN, today for an exam or consultation. Contact us today.