FAQs About Senior Weight Management

Senior Weight Management — Buffalo, MN — Stellis HealthCertain physical changes are tell-tale signs of advanced age, from silver hair to lines and wrinkles. Many people also find that as they get older, they also get wider. Excess weight gain can occur young and old alike, but it commonly accompanies the aging process.

“Excess weight raises your risks for conditions like arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease,” says Kari Fabian, MD, internal medicine physician at Stellis Health. “We can all benefit by understanding weight management challenges and solutions as we age.”

Check out the answers to frequently asked questions on the subject.

How Does Advancing Age Affect the Body?


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Does Your Child Need a Flu Shot? Top Questions Answered

Doctor Giving Child a Flu Shot — Buffalo, MN — Stellis HealthWhat parents need to know before scheduling their child’s flu shot appointment—here’s the most common influenza vaccine questions and answers.

When Should Your Child Get a Flu Shot?

With flu season upon us in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to reduce your risk for getting the flu. Most people should get vaccinated by the end of October, according to the CDC. Your child may need two doses of the vaccine (four weeks apart), if this is their first flu immunization. The CDC recommends starting the vaccination series earlier. (more…)

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Leg Cramp or Something More? When to Seek Urgent Care

Leg Cramp — Buffalo, MN — Stellis HealthA lot of people try to balance the question of their health with the following question: is this serious enough to contact the doctor? Sometimes, you’re not sure if you need to worry about certain symptoms, especially if all you really need is a bit of rest or hydration.

Leg cramps can be extremely painful, but most of the time, they do not need more medical care than you can give yourself at home. However, sometimes leg pain can indicate the need for intervention.

Causes of Sudden Leg Pain

Most of the time, the feeling of intense pain in your legs is from muscle cramps or spasms. People often refer to these cramps as charley horses. The muscle contracts and often may not release for several seconds. During the contraction, the pain may escalate or intensify. Charley horses have a number of causes, but the most common reasons for the cramps include: (more…)

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4 FAQs About Urinary Tract Infections

Boy and Girl — Buffalo, MN — Stellis Health

Your body’s kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra make up your urinary system. The primary function of the urinary system is to filter blood and also to produce urine. The urine helps rid the body of waste and extra water that the body doesn’t need. An infection in the urinary system is called a urinary tract infection or a UTI.

If you ever get a UTI, you should seek medical attention right away. Left untreated, a UTI can spread to the bladder and the kidneys. To help you better understand UTIs, here are the answers to four frequently asked questions about urinary tract infections. (more…)

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Ways to Keep Your Adult Acne From Flaring Up During Summer

Beautiful Girl on Sunset – Buffalo, MN – Stellis Health

Adult acne can be worse during certain times or seasons of the year, including summer. Humid weather conditions and some sun care treatments can make acne blemishes worse over time. If you take the appropriate measures, you can keep your skin problems to a minimum.

Discover three summertime tips you can follow to keep your adult acne from getting worse.


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Tips for Surviving Pregnancy Over the Summer

Patient Blood Pressure Test

Pregnancy is often a joyous time for a woman. However, some of the symptoms associated with it aren’t the most pleasant. The heat of summer days doesn’t help many pregnancy-related issues, either. Plus, the added heat can affect your overall health. Optimize your health and happiness during pregnancy this summer with these tips.

Stay Hydrated

Water is necessary for your body to function properly. Your organs require it to work as they should, and water is even necessary on a cellular level. When you suffer from dehydration, you can experience a variety of symptoms, such as:


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Blood Pressure and Aging: What Every Senior Should Know

Patient Blood Pressure Test

As you grow older, you may encounter a number of age-related health challenges, from arthritis and osteoporosis to high blood pressure, also called hypertension. Individuals aged 65 and older develop this condition three times as commonly as those aged 20 to 44.

Because high blood pressure can increase the risks for heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, and other issues, you need to understand how high blood pressure affects seniors, how to interpret age-related changes in blood pressure, and what you can do to control the problem. Here are some key points to consider.


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What to Know About Spring Tree Pollen Allergies

Spring Tree Pollen Allergies

Springtime presents an influx of pollinating plants that may flare up your allergies and asthma. Some of the biggest spring pollen allergy-causing plants in Minnesota are trees. Trees become massive pollen producers soon after they re-foliate. In fact, if you shake some trees during the spring, you can actually see large clouds of pollen exude from them.


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What You Need to Know Before Your First Mammogram

First MammogramIn 2020, more than 270,000 women will have a new invasive breast cancer diagnosis. Mammography can help to protect you, finding cancer before it grows or spreads. If you have never had a mammogram, take a look at the answers to the top questions women have about this diagnostic imaging test.

What Is a Mammogram?

A mammogram is an x-ray of your breasts. This inside-the-body picture allows the medical provider to see the interior of the breast and detect irregularities. Mammogram can find tumors before you can feel them manually.


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Eight Things You Can Do to Keep Your Heart Healthy

Healthy Heart Your heart’s health plays an important part in your well-being and quality of life to take steps to keep your heart healthy so it remain strong throughout your life. Healthy habits are key to keeping your heart healthy and reducing cardiovascular problems overall. eight healthy habits help your heart health.

1. Exercise Regularly

Aim for a minimum of ten minutes of moderate physical activity a day. If you can do more, then go right ahead, as long as know your limits. Ten minutes is perfect if you are just starting out in order to avoid injuries. Increase the amount of time as you gain strength.


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