Prenatal Care for Hanover, MN

Adding a child to your family is immensely exciting, but if you haven’t been pregnant before, you may feel intimidated or overwhelmed. At Stellis Health, we offer professional prenatal care to help you and your partner prepare for your new family member. Come by our office today near Hanover, MN, for our experienced guidance and help.

How We Can Help

Whether you are planning to get pregnant or you’re already expecting a new baby, our prenatal care services will help you and your partner gain the skills and knowledge you need to prepare.

Our care includes two prenatal classes to help you and your partner prepare and learn throughout the pregnancy process. These classes are offered bi-monthly and cover everything from nutrition, exercise, baby growth and development, warning signs, medications, and basically anything else you need to know during pregnancy.

Of course, prenatal care isn’t just about knowledge. We also offer checkups and medical care to ensure that you and your baby stay healthy throughout your pregnancy.

Our women’s health specialists have the experience and skills to help you find peace, comfort, and confidence throughout your pregnancy, and we’ll treat you like part of our family.

Contact us today for prenatal care near Hanover, MN.