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New weight management programs now available

Stellis Health is committed to helping you get and stay healthy. With 35 percent of women and 31 percent of men seriously overweight, we know there’s a real need for weight loss support. Obesity causes a lot of damage to your body and can lead to other diseases like diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea and more.

To help you achieve long-term weight loss, Stellis Health is now offering new weight management services in collaboration with CentraCare Health. We now offer both medical and wellness weight management programs that provide the support, structure and expertise you need to inspire changes in your daily eating and exercise routines that can change your lifestyle and, literally, your life.

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Medical Weight Management
● Ideal for those with a body mass index more than 25 and experiencing obesity-related medical issues.
● Team of providers, registered dietitians, exercise physiologist and behaviorists support your efforts and your journey.
● More intensive program with regular visits. Variety of services to meet your individual needs including:
health coaching, weight loss medications, meal replacements and dietitian visits.
● Insurance is utilized and there are options for cash-based products and services.

Wellness Weight Management
● Ideal for those with a body mass index between 25 and 40 with no obesity-related conditions but want to renew their commitment to their personal health.
● $300 personal coaching package that includes an initial consultation and meal planning session with a registered dietitian and 12 additional visits with our health coaching staff.

Employee discounts are available for both programs. Call 320.240.2828 or visit to learn more.