Telehealth Clinic serving Maple Lake, MN

Telehealth Services in Maple Lake, MN

For years, people across the world have gradually adopted the idea of telecommuting to work, video calling family, and even running entire businesses from the comfort of their homes — for many people, this has become the standard way of life! If you can work from home, visit family from home, and pursue hobbies from home, why shouldn’t you visit the doctor from home as well?

If you want to visit the doctor without a drive to the office, Stellis Health now offers telehealth care, serving Maple Lake, MN. Our telehealth clinic is designed to give you accurate and reliable medical attention through a video call with one of our experienced medical professionals. While we don’t yet have the technology to remotely perform surgery, our virtual appointments are great to get a handle on your health.

Stellis Health is dedicated to providing quality, affordable health care to our friends and neighbors across Minnesota. Whether you need regular appointments for a chronic condition or have an immediate need, we’ll help you live a healthy life. Call us at 763-684-3600 to learn more