Prenatal Care Near Maple Lake, MN

Pregnancy can be intimidating. Your body changes, your moods change, and even your tastes can change. However, with the right prenatal care, you can face each phase of pregnancy with confidence and happiness. Stellis Health offers professional and compassionate prenatal care for Maple Lake, MN, residents.

Our Prenatal Services

Prenatal care includes a lot of different services throughout the entire pregnancy. From initial checkups as soon as you discover you’re pregnant to final checkups right before your delivery, we will walk you through the process and ensure you and your baby stay healthy.

We offer two prenatal courses that will help you and your partner gain the knowledge you need to face childbirth with confidence. You’ll learn about mother nutrition, baby development, safe medication use, warning signs, childbirth, birth planning, and everything in between.

So if you live in Maple Lake, MN, and are trying to get pregnant, remember to schedule an appointment with us for pregnancy planning and prenatal care. Contact us today to get started.