Problems using Sprint phones to navigate through phone menus on our telephone system

Due to issues with Sprint, some Sprint callers may not be able to use the phone menus on our telephone system. Until Sprint resolves this issue you can do a Carrier Reset on your phone by following the steps below so that you are able to navigate through the phone menus on our telephone system from your Sprint phone (The reset is very simple, and takes no more than a couple of minutes. It will not delete the data or pictures from your device, it will simply reprovision your network connection):

For Android phones:
1. Connect your android phone to WIFI
2. From your android phone, dial ##72786#
3. Tap Dial, Send or Call.

For iPhones:
1. Connect your iphone to WIFI
2. From your iphone, dial ##25327#
3. Tap the Call button
4. Tap OK
5. Wait for the update to complete
6. Tap OK once it’s finished

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