Flu Vaccine in Rockford, MN

A flu shot is an easy way to protect yourself this flu season, and Stellis Health makes it easy and convenient to get one. We’re close to Rockford, MN, so stop on by to get a flu vaccine for you and your whole family.

With flu season upon us in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to reduce your risk for getting the flu. When you get a flu shot, you do more than protect yourself. You also protect everyone around you. When everyone has been vaccinated against a certain disease it gives everyone herd immunity. This means that the flu, or any other disease, can’t get anyone sick because many people have gotten the vaccination. So when you get the flu vaccine, you help yourself, your friends, and all your neighbors.

Where Are We Located At?

Stellis Health has three locations near Rockford, MN. Our clinics are located in Buffalo, Monticello, and Albertville-St. Michael. You can visit whichever you prefer for your flu shot or to schedule a regular appointment. Our Buffalo and Monticello locations also have urgent care centers.

Schedule an appointment for your flu vaccination at whichever clinic is best for you and your family. Call to learn more at 763-684-3600 for the Buffalo clinic, 763-271-3800 for the Monticello clinic, or 763-684-8300 for the Albertville–St. Michael clinic.

Urgent patient care - Healthcare professionals Serving Wright County, MN

Our Urgent Care provides medical care to patients who need attention quickly for non-life threatening illnesses or injuries. Urgent Care has limited diagnostic testing available.

We see patients when they have immediate non-emergency medical conditions requiring prompt treatment by a medical provider. Urgent Care provides care for you and your family (over 2 months of age) with an alternative to the Emergency Room for treatment of illnesses or injuries that are urgent but not life threatening.

Urgent Care is not to be used for follow-up appointments or for chronic conditions or pregnancy related concerns.