Stellis Health prescribes food to improve health

More than a half million Minnesotans are food insecure meaning they suffer from health challenges due to a lack of healthy food. “We recently partnered with Second Harvest Heartland’s FOODRx program to deliver healthy food every month to patients with diabetes and cardiovascular disease,” says Douglas Hanson, MPA, CEO of Stellis Health, P.A.

The FOODRx boxes were built by registered dietitians and contain approximately 25 meals each. The boxes are designed to meet dietary and nutritional needs and contain healthy food items like canned fruits and vegetables, whole grains and quality protein sources. For culture specific diets, the boxes are available in three different versions—traditional American, Somali and Hispanic. Each box also contains educational material including delicious recipes that can be prepared with the contents inside. “We hope that our patients will gain a better understanding of their nutritional needs based upon their health status and learn how to eat and prepare foods that may improve their health,” continued Hanson.

Qualifying low-income patients with diabetes and cardiovascular disease can pick up FOODRx boxes once a month at the Stellis Health – Buffalo Clinic location. The food in the boxes varies by month, disease and cultural diet preferences. In addition, patients meet with clinic staff for chronic disease education as part of the program.

To learn more about FOODRx at Stellis Health, call 763.684.3637. To schedule an appointment at Stellis Health or for more information, call 763.684.3600 or go to

About Stellis Health, PA

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