Buffalo, Monticello, and Albertville-St. Michael Clinics Renamed “Stellis Health”

The new Stellis Health logo features a star twinkling at the horizon to symbolize the Latin root meaning of Stellis and the physician’s daily calling to watch over our communities’ health.

Stellis Health is the new name for Buffalo Clinic, Monticello Clinic, and Albertville-St. Michael Clinic. And though you’ll be seeing new signage outside all three clinics, inside, you’ll find the same primary and specialty physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners who’ve been treating patients all these years.

“Together, we’ve been caring for patients across Wright County for over 65 years,” explained Douglas Hanson, CEO of Stellis Health, PA. “But with three different clinic names, it wasn’t always clear to patients that we were all part of the same clinic group. We wanted to more closely connect all our locations so it’s clear we work together to provide comprehensive care to all our communities.”

“Stellis comes from the Latin word for stars – and like stars, we watch over all of Wright County and beyond,” he added.

Jason Halvorson, MD, family medicine physician and president of Stellis Health, says we’ve been considering unifying all the clinics under one name for several years, and [with all of the changes in health care,] now was the right time. “As an independent group practice of primary and specialty physicians, we work with a variety of health systems and specialty physician groups so we can bring together the very best specialists and care for our patients. We want patients to know that they’ll be in good hands with us, whichever one of our clinics they visit.”

To schedule an appointment, call 763.684.3600. For more information, visit StellisHealth.com.

“We’re still the same doctors and clinics that our patients have come to know and trust – only the name is different.”

To schedule an appointment at any Stellis Health clinic or for more information, call 763-684-3600.

About Stellis Health, PA

Stellis Health has been caring for community members in and around Wright County for over 65 years with locations in Buffalo, Monticello, and Albertville-St. Michael. Originally named after the individual communities in which they were located, the organization was renamed Stellis Health in July 2016. Comprised of over 60 primary and specialty physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners, Stellis Health is an independent group practice continually growing, adding more doctors and expanded services including Urgent Care on evenings, weekends, and holidays. To schedule an appointment at any Stellis Health clinic, call 763-684-3600.