Ways to Keep Your Adult Acne From Flaring Up During Summer

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Adult acne can be worse during certain times or seasons of the year, including summer. Humid weather conditions and some sun care treatments can make acne blemishes worse over time. If you take the appropriate measures, you can keep your skin problems to a minimum.

Discover three summertime tips you can follow to keep your adult acne from getting worse.

Avoid Going Out on Extremely Humid Days

If your acne flares up on extremely humid days, avoid going out during these times. Although humidity can keep dry skin moist and supple, it may not be great for acne-prone skin. Humid conditions make your body sweat more in order to keep cool. Sweat can also allow debris to trap inside your pores.

Sweat doesn’t dry up (or evaporate) as quickly on the skin in humid conditions as it does in cold, dry conditions. Sweaty skin can become a breeding ground for bacteria as well as a reservoir for dirt, oil, and other debris. All of these unsavory things can seep into your pores as the sweat dries on your face.

If you must go outside during humid times, try to stay in the shade as much as possible. You can also keep towelettes or small tissues on hand to blot your face once it becomes sweaty. You want to use a fresh towelette or tissue every time you clean your skin.

You can also minimize your acne flare-ups by using the right skin care treatments before you go outside.

Use the Right Sun Care Treatments

Most people coat their skin with sunblock, sunscreen, and other protective treatments before they venture outside the home. While you should always protect your skin from the sun, the products you use to do so may make your blemishes worse. Some products can mingle with the sweat on your face and invade your pores.

If you choose to use sun care treatments on your face, select a product that doesn’t aggravate your pimples and blackheads. The products should be non-comedogenic as well as oil-free. Read each product’s label carefully before you purchase and apply it to your face.

You also want to clean your face thoroughly every time you sweat. Sun care treatments can become messy once it mixes with moisture.

If you don’t find any long-term relief from the tips above, reach out to a skin care specialist for advice and treatment.

Get Skin Care Advice and Treatment

Some adults can experience problems with their acne no matter what they do. Whiteheads and blackheads can be deeply rooted in the skin. The blemishes may also have bacteria. Adults who experience these types of issues should see a skin care specialist for advice and treatment.

A skin care specialist can treat adult acne in a variety of ways. Topical medications that fight bacteria or reduce oil on the surface of the skin may be options for you. Some doctors recommend patients use special facial cleansers to fight their acne problems.

It may be necessary to evaluate your current health status to determine why you still have acne. Health conditions, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome and diabetes, may affect your skin. If you have anything that affects your skin, a doctor will recommend treatment for it.

In addition to the acne-fighting treatments above, a doctor may ask you to add certain things to your diet during the summer. The food and beverages in your diet should keep your skin hydrated and nourished during hot weather. Yogurt, watermelon, and strawberries may be options for you.

Don’t let acne keep you from enjoying summer this year. Be sure to contact us at Stellis Health for more information about your skin today.