Q. How is Stellis Health – Medical Skin Care Center different from other cosmetic offices?

A. We are medically based with a team of board-certified family medicine physicians with the latest training in dermatology and cosmetic care. We offer a broad range of medical skin care services, laser treatments and products. You can feel confident knowing you?ll get the same high-quality care and services that you get for all your other health needs.

Q. How much do procedures cost?

A. We take pride in offering the latest in cosmetic dermatology services at reasonable rates. Our prices vary by procedure and, in some cases, the size of the treatment area.

Q. Are your services covered by my health plan benefits?

A. Most of our medical services are covered by health plan benefits. However, our cosmetic services are not typically covered. Since cosmetic services are not medically necessary, you must pay out-of-pocket. If you have a question about whether a certain procedure is medically necessary, contact your health plan for more information. View our services here.

Do I need a referral before going to Stellis Health – Medical Skin Care Center?

A. You do not need any referral. You can make an appointment directly with our office by calling 763-684-3700 or sending us a message.

Q. Who will perform the procedure?

A. Depending on your procedure, you will be seen by a family medicine physician, physician assistant or a certified aesthetic consultant. All of our providers are licensed clinicians. View a list of our providers and learn more about them here.

Q. Do you offer any sales or promotions?

A. We offer monthly specials on a variety of services and products. View the current specials or sign up to receive future offers here.