Meet Dr. Amanda Zehrer, OB/GYN

“My approach to patient care is to be a knowledgeable mentor to my patients and allow shared decision making between us. I assess her healthcare needs, provide her education on the available options, and together we decide what is going to be best for her. This empowers the patient to take control of her healthcare and to be comfortable with her treatment plan.”



[00:00:00] Amanda Zehrer: Hi, I’m Dr. Amanda Zehrer. I’m an OB GYN, originally from Minnesota. My practice has been always in Minnesota, Alexandria, and then here in the Monticello and Buffalo area. My new general of Gynecology, including pelvic floor, pelvic floor reconstruction, stress incontinence, as well as the fall spectrum of obstetrics.

[00:00:23] Amanda Zehrer: We also have the surgical background so we can do more extensive or complicated OB patients, C-sections, operative vaginal delivery, which includes vacuum or forceps and then handling any complications that may occur.

[00:00:36] Amanda Zehrer: So during the pregnancy, a big part of what I do is just optimizing her health for the pregnancy. So reviewing her health history, reviewing her medications, just making sure that everything is safe for her and baby.

[00:00:47] Amanda Zehrer: And then just to make sure that everything’s going well in terms of baby’s growth and that we’re all on track for when we’re gonna be delivering type of delivery and that everyone’s comfortable with. And then just making sure she has the education that she’s gonna need to take care of that little baby.

[00:00:58] Amanda Zehrer: So I really like being a [00:01:00] partner with my patients. I know the old school way was doctor told you what to do and that was your plan. But my goal is really to educate my patients and give them the options. Because at the end of the day, it’s your health, it’s your body. So I wanna make sure that we’re both comfortable with what we’re doing for your treatment plan.

[00:01:14] Amanda Zehrer: So I really enjoy working at the Monticello location. It’s one of those, it’s a rural facility, but it’s still connected. You still have access to all the specialists if you need them. You can call infectious disease, you could call maternal fetal medicine, but then you still have that close-knit community. The nurses here, you know, we work with ’em all the time. We know each other’s labor styles. And I think just that sense of being a part of together in the community is really special.

[00:01:38] Amanda Zehrer: I do live on the Mississippi River here, so I like to do some water activities. I do enjoy a really good book. I’ve been doing a lot of book recommendations. I do also enjoy puzzling and playing with my cats and just kind of hanging out.[00:02:00]