Resources for Patients

For the safety of our patients and to comply with recent public health recommendations, our goal is to keep patients at home who do not need to be seen in person to avoid community spread of COVID-19. Our clinics remain open to care for you, just in a different capacity. For answers to the most frequently asked questions, visit our FAQ page.

If you have a medical need that can be met without coming into the clinic, Stellis Health has options for you that comply with public health recommendations. These may include scheduled video visits, online E-visits and scheduled telephone visits. Be assured that we will provide the same compassionate care as you would receive in person.

We are open to care for you. If you have a medical need that cannot be met over the phone or online, our providers and staff will work with you for an office visit. Call one of our clinic appointment lines to find out which option is best for you:

Buffalo: 763.684.3600
Monticello: 763.271.3800
Albertville-St. Michael: 763.684.8300

Stellis Health works to help each of our patients live their best life. We offer a variety of resources and added support to all our patients from E-visits and care coordination to classes and helpful web links.

Video Visits (Telehealth)

Using your smartphone, tablet or computer (equipped with a camera and microphone), you can have a video visit with a Stellis Health provider for certain medical needs that don’t require an in-person visit to the clinic. No account setup is necessary, you just need an internet browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Call one of our appointment lines above to determine if a video visit is your best option for care.
Already have a scheduled video visit? Click here to check in.

Telephone Visits

Telephone visits are for medical needs that can be met without coming into the clinic and when you aren’t able to do a video visit. Call one of our appointment lines above to see if a telephone visit with one of our Stellis Health providers is right for you.


Be diagnosed and treated without leaving home
E-visits at Stellis Health provide convenient, online access to medical advice for non-urgent conditions. No office visit – simply enter your symptoms and submit your request. You’ll receive a diagnosis, treatment plan and prescription, when appropriate. Need an E-visit? Log into MyChart.

Care Coordination

Care coordinators help juggle all your health needs
To help our patients better manage their health, our care coordinators provide personalized guidance to each patient to ensure their care is coordinated among all their doctors and community resources. Learn more here.

Learn about Healthcare Directives: Honoring Choices

Minnesota hopes to inspire and support many community-based conversations regarding end-of-life care planning. We urge Minnesotans seeking to start such conversations in their family, faith, cultural, or community group to use this “toolkit” of video, text, and web-links to support these conversations.

For more information about Honoring Choicesclick here.


We accept most insurance plans. If you have any questions regarding billing or insurance, please contact our business office at 763-684-3760. Our insurance specialists will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have.


Stellis Health offers classes to help patients and community members be their best. To learn more about current classes, please click here.