Tony Lesch, PA-C, named 2022 Clinical Instructor of the Year

Augsburg University is proud to award the 2022 Clinical Instructor of the Year award to one of our 1999 alumni: Tony Lesch. Each year, Augsburg University awards one of their preceptors with the Clinical Instructor of the Year. This award celebrates the positive impact a professional clinical preceptor has had on our students throughout the course of the clinical rotations. Tony Lesch, PA-C said, “I enjoy precepting and giving back to individuals who are eager to learn. It helps me stay abreast of all the new and changing medical knowledge. I also really appreciate the patients I see who are

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Spooktacular News: Skin Exams Aren’t the Least Bit Scary [5 minute read]

Skin Cancer Screening Our skin care experts diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions such as skin cancer, acne, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, warts, rashes, moles, and more. We offer full body skin exams for skin cancer screenings and diagnose and treat most skin conditions. We’re dedicated to effectively treating your skin conditions and helping you look and feel your best. Skin exams are not scary. Skin cancer prevention is one of the easiest and most proactive ways to have healthy skin. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to expect during a skin exam, and relieve any anxieties you may

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Post-Pandemic Hope for Mental Health – by Sara Janzen, MSW, LICSW [4 min read]

Have you been feeling down in the dumps? Have you been unable to gain back your usual exuberance and energy? You are not alone. Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental illness. In February 2021 37.2% of adults in Minnesota reported symptoms of anxiety or depression. In Minnesota last year 739 lives were lost to suicide. If you are struggling, you are not alone. Awareness is the First Step The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated feelings of isolation, stress, fear, and loneliness for just about everyone. No one is immune to the emotional struggles the

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Back-to-School Checkups: Homework for Parents [5 min read]

Back-to-school time is right around the corner and between the trips for new clothes and school supplies, it’s also critically important to schedule a wellness checkup for your child. And while the kids are the focus of the appointment, you as the parent have some assignments too. Think back to skills and subjects from your own school days and do the necessary homework in preparation for your child’s checkup. Appointment 101 It is recommended that kids receive an annual checkup with their pediatrician or regular healthcare provider, from ages three to 18. Once they are considered of school age, the

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Leg Cramps: What you can do about them

Leg Cramps: Why We Get Them and What We Can Do About Them [3 minute read] If you suffer from leg cramps, often called “charley horses,” you know how debilitating the pain is, and how it feels like there is nothing you can do to help it pass more quickly and less painfully. Stellis Health can help you sort through possible causes as well as helpful solutions for those pesky leg cramps that come on out of the blue and interrupt your life. What are Leg Cramps? Leg cramps are involuntary muscle pains in your foot, calf, or thigh that

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Unexplained Weight Loss in Seniors

Q. My 91-year-old father lives on his own and has been living alone since my mother died five years ago. He looked rather thin last time we saw him. I am concerned about his nutrition. Should I be worried? A. This is a very common concern for many families. It can be a sign of a bigger issue and should be taken seriously. Other red flags can be a loss of appetite, forgetfulness, or decrease in strength and the ability to get around. Below are some of the common causes as well as steps to take to prevent weight loss.

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Summer Safety Series: Water, Heat, and Tick Safety [4 min. read]

Summertime is time to bring out the bathing suits, shorts, and T-shirts, along with your sense of adventure. People are out enjoying the beautiful warm weather with activities like hiking, boating, and camping. However, it’s also a time of year when accidents related to water sports and heat exhaustion are filling emergency rooms, and disease-carrying ticks are a threat to both pets and their humans. Staying Safe in the Water Whether you’re boating, swimming, surfing, or just playing near any body of water, safety should be on your mind. Water is fun, refreshing, and lends itself to so many fun

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Stellis Health named a 2022 Top Workplace by the Star Tribune

Stellis Health has been named one of the Top Workplaces in Minnesota by the Star Tribune. The Top Workplaces award recognizes the most progressive companies in Minnesota based on employee opinions measuring engagement, organizational health and satisfaction. “We value our employees’ opinions and listen to what matters most to our team,” says Lindsay Reiter, Human Resources Director at Stellis Health. “We use that insight to make decisions as we strive to make Stellis Health the preferred place to work and practice healthcare.” Seventy-seven percent of Stellis Health employees participated in this year’s survey which was collected by Energage, an independent

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Analyzing Alzheimer’s: Straight Talk About the Disconcerting Disease

Analyzing Alzheimer’s: Straight Talk About the Disconcerting Disease

Think of all the information your brain accrues over your lifetime – it’s immense. Everything from knowing the capital of Montana (it’s Helena) to where you left your reading glasses. It’s all in your noggin. So, when your brain can’t remember a bit of information (especially if you’re really needing your glasses), a common knee-jerk reaction for many people is, “I’m forgetting things – what if I’m getting Alzheimer’s?” Why such a strong thought when it could be normal, run-of-the-mill forgetfulness? Because Alzheimer’s Disease is scary. It is the most common form of dementia, many families have seen the firsthand

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Orthopedics Care

Protecting Your Musculoskeletal System As children, many of us sang ‘The Skeleton Dance’ song (“…. the foot bone’s connected to the leg bone, the leg bone’s connected to the knee bone….”). Unfortunately, there was no follow-up song explaining just exactly how they were connected. That would be your musculoskeletal system, which is made up of joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, and even your skin. It literally keeps us together. Our bodies are tough, but we really put them to the test daily. Each year approximately 10 million orthopedic injuries occur across the United States. This number is not comprised of

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