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Making a difference in the lives of others – this is the reason many of us were drawn to our roles in healthcare. We enter into the lives of our patients, their families, and our communities at times of stress, trauma, and uncertainty. We bring comfort, relief, and presence.

This care, however, comes at a cost. The stories we hear and the care we provide to our patients affects us. Regulatory requirements, pressures to reduce healthcare costs, increasing time constraints, and being rated and measured on everything we do have become a part of our everyday realities.

In response, we cut ourselves off from feeling. We numb our emotions. We look for escape in unhealthy ways. These are the reasons burnout rates continue at alarming rates.

How do we begin to get off the merry-go-round? How do we become more present not only at work, but at home? How do we begin to reclaim the care we need for ourselves so that we can better care for others? This work is the focus of this conference, and the speakers understand the challenges and the chaos we each face in our professional and personal lives.

While none of us has mastered this work, we’ve learned the power of sharing our stories, our experiences, and tools that can be used to make a difference. We’re learning to develop resilience, a strong sense of well-being, greater social connection, improved sleep, and better working memory.

This conference represents a unique collaboration of physicians, nurses, and hospital leaders from multiple health systems who have come together for one purpose – to impact the lives of individuals, communities, and organizations by promoting health through resilience.

Wherever you are in your own journey, this is a great place to start. We hope you join us!

Stellis Health designated a ChiroCare Center of Excellence

Stellis Health designated a ChiroCare Center of Excellence

The ChiroCare Centers of Excellence (CCoE) Program was developed by Fulcrum to recognize clinics that use standardized clinical protocols and an integrated, collaborative approach to achieve positive outcomes and improved quality of life for patients. Using best practice approaches, Stellis Health provides patients with a consistent, high-quality experience. The CCoE program highlights ChiroCare clinics who achieve and maintain the highest standards of patient-centered care through record keeping, documented outcome measures, and collaboration with other health care providers to achieve the Triple Aim in health care.

Congratulations to Jolyn Halvorson, DC

Infant Potty Training 101

Join Vivian Rider, MD, pediatrician — and grandmother of an infant in potty training — as she discusses how to identify your baby’s body signals and nonverbal cues for elimination.

Where: Stellis Health-Albertville-St. Michael Clinic

When: Saturday, Sept. 23 at 10 a.m.

A Q&A and open discussion will follow the presentation. This is a free event but space is limited so please reserve your spot by calling 763.684.3600 today.

Infant potty training begins at a very early age, typically between birth and four months. Benefits include eliminating diaper rash and diaper-related infections, and reducing the use of disposable or cloth diapers. It’s also known as elimination communication because parents become sensitive to the nonverbal signs that their baby is on the verge of voiding.

Why potty train your infant?

It’s a natural process that promotes baby-parent bonding and brings you closer to your child. Observing your baby’s signals before voiding becomes part of your routine, just like signs that your baby is hungry or tired.

It’s the norm in much of the non-Western world where most infants are potty trained within six to 12 months.

How to potty train

  1. Observe what your baby does before voiding, e.g. squirm, make faces, breathing pattern changes.
  2. When you recognize your baby’s signal, hold them over a receptacle while they eliminate.
  3. Teach your baby to associate cues or specific sounds and gestures with elimination.

Stellis Health-Monticello Clinic designated breastfeeding friendly workplace by MDH

Stellis Health is committed to supporting nursing mothers and assuring they have the needed support and resources to continue providing breast milk to their babies after they return to work from parental leave.  “Healthy families are at the core of our mission and breastfeeding is vital to the health and development of children and families,” says Douglas Hanson, CEO of Stellis Health.

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) recognizes workplaces that have demonstrated their commitment to supporting breastfeeding mothers by creating a workplace lactation support program and Stellis Health-Monticello Clinic was recently designated as a Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace by MDH.  Specifically, Stellis Health-Monticello Clinic provides support from supervisors and colleagues for breastfeeding women as well as:


  • Time including leave after birth and flexible scheduling to accommodate lactation breaks during work time
  • Education for mothers, fathers and supervisors about the benefits of breastfeeding
  • A private place to express milk


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Stellis Health has been caring for community members in and around Wright County for over 65 years with locations in Buffalo, Monticello, and Albertville-St. Michael.  Orignally named after the individual communities in which they were located, the organization was renamed Stellis Health in July 2016.  Comprised of over 60 primary and specialty physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners, Stellis Health is an independent group practice continually growing, adding more doctors and expanded services including Urgent Care on evenings, weekends and holidays.  To schedule an appointment at any Stellis Health location, call 763-684-3600.  Learn more at




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