For breaks, strains and pains

The medical specialty that diagnoses deformities, injuries, and diseases of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. Treatment provided by an orthopedist may include manipulation, the fitting of braces or other appliances, physical therapy, exercising, and surgery. At Stellis Health, our team approach brings together specialists in bone, joint and muscle care. We provide the full spectrum of treatment for sports, wear and tear, and most acute musculoskeletal injuries – from conservative, nonsurgical treatments to surgery.

Complete orthopedic care for all your bones & joints

With the convenience of having your orthopedic specialist down the hall from your primary care team, you’re ensured the continuity of care that provides better outcomes.

To schedule an appointment with Stellis Health’s orthopedic specialist, call 763-684-3600 (Buffalo) or 763-271-3800 (Monticello).