Telehealth Services in Albertville, MN

When you need a quick diagnosis for a health complaint, turn to Stellis Health for telehealth services in the Albertville, MN, area.

Consult a Doctor Without Leaving Your Home

Your health is a top priority. When leaving your home would put it at risk, but you still need a doctor’s opinion, schedule an E-visit with Stellis Health. E-visits will provide you with qualified remote health care for a variety of symptoms, from skin problems to heartburn. You can secure quick relief from discomfort, pain, and illness and avoid having to wait to be seen at an office.

Keep in mind that some situations will require you to see a doctor in-person, including in the event of a serious injury or illness.

Take Advantage of Our Simple System

With Stellis Health, telehealth services are a few clicks away. Simply log in to your MyChart account, or sign up if you don’t yet have one. From there, you can request an E-visit at any time, and a doctor will follow up on your request at any convenient time during our regular business hours.

Have your health complaints diagnosed and receive prescriptions and treatment recommendations entirely online with our telehealth services. Request your E-visit today or call our Albertville, MN, location at for more information.