Join us for a Cool Event on August 15

Schedule your free physician consult to see how CoolSculpting can help you slim down and refine your love handles, abdomen, and even your double chin.

CoolSclupting is a non-surgical, FDA-approved treatment that uses cooling technology to make stubborn fat melt away. The procedure actually reduces the number of fat cells in treated areas by 20 to 25 percent. There’s no surgery, no downtime and most patients see a noticeable reduction of fat after just one visit.

Space is limited. Reserve your free physician consult today by calling 763.684.3700 or registering online here.

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Infant Potty Training 101

Join Vivian Rider, MD, pediatrician — and grandmother of an infant in potty training — as she discusses how to identify your baby’s body signals and nonverbal cues for elimination.

Where: Stellis Health-Albertville-St. Michael Clinic

When: Saturday, Sept. 23 at 10 a.m.

A Q&A and open discussion will follow the presentation. This is a free event but space is limited so please reserve your spot by calling 763.684.3600 today.

Infant potty training begins at a very early age, typically between birth and four months. Benefits include eliminating diaper rash and diaper-related infections, and reducing the use of disposable or cloth diapers. It’s also known as elimination communication because parents become sensitive to the nonverbal signs that their baby is on the verge of voiding.

Why potty train your infant?

It’s a natural process that promotes baby-parent bonding and brings you closer to your child. Observing your baby’s signals before voiding becomes part of your routine, just like signs that your baby is hungry or tired.

It’s the norm in much of the non-Western world where most infants are potty trained within six to 12 months.

How to potty train

  1. Observe what your baby does before voiding, e.g. squirm, make faces, breathing pattern changes.
  2. When you recognize your baby’s signal, hold them over a receptacle while they eliminate.
  3. Teach your baby to associate cues or specific sounds and gestures with elimination.

ECFE In The Park 2017

Calling all outdoor lovers!
Join us in a park near you
this summer! Come play,
sing, dance, create, and
listen to stories with the
ECFE teachers!

We will be touring local
parks all summer long
bringing all the fun of ECFE
to you! Families who
attend will enjoy: art
projects, music and
movement activities,
interactive stories and
more. Plus, each family
will go home with a
new book!

10:00 – 11:30 AM

For children ages birth – 5 and their families!

Cost = FREE! But registration is required to ensure we have adequate supplies!
Families will be notified by email any changes to date/time of events due to inclement
weather, so be sure to provide an email address when registering.



  • Lake Side Park — June 14th
  • Highline Park — June 28th
  • Lake Ridge Park — July 12
  • Hudson Wood Park — July 26
  • Bluff Park — Aug 9
  • Wrights Crossing Park — Aug 23

The City of Big Lake is sponsoring ECFE in the Park, with support from the Big Lake Area
Early Childhood Coalition and the Big Lake Schools ECFE program. Come as many times
as you like! See you this summer!!

Sail away with a book at our Little Free Library

little free library Did you know that our Monticello Clinic has a Little Free Library?  Dr. Vivian Rider, a pediatrician at our Monticello and Albertville-St. Michael clinics created this library with the theme “Sail away with a book” to represent our beautiful lake country.  She created the mosaic on top with hundreds of pieces of glass.

Our library is filled with donated children’s books.  Kids can take home a book every time they visit the clinic.  Families who have books they no longer need help keep the shelves filled.

This concept originated in Hudson, WI in 2009 and there are now over 50,000 Little Free Libraries in the US and more than 70 countries.  And watch for two more coming soon, in our Buffalo and Albertville-St. Michael clinics.

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