COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Our clinics and urgent care remain open for you, just in a different capacity as we respond to COVID-19 and staffing shortages. Below are common questions our patients are currently asking regarding our operations, vaccination, and testing options:

Q. Where can I get the COVID-19 booster shot?
A. For eligibility information and the most up to date booster shot locations in Minnesota, visit the Boosters page on the Minnesota Department of Health website.

Q. Can my child receive the Pfizer COVID vaccine at Stellis Health now that is has been approved by the CDC?
A. Stellis Health offered the pediatric COVID vaccine for a limited time and we are no longer taking appointments. For more information on the pediatric COVID vaccine for children ages 5-11, visit the Minnesota Department of Health website page here.

Q. Where can I get the COVID-19 vaccination?
A. For the most up to date vaccination locations in Minnesota, visit the Vaccine Locations page on the Minnesota Department of Health website.

Q. What should I do if I have symptoms of COVID-19?
A. If you are experiencing fever and/or respiratory symptoms, please call one of our clinics prior to coming in. Nursing staff will discuss your symptoms and concerns with you over the phone to determine your next steps for care. We are here to help!

Q. Can I be tested for COVID-19 at Stellis Health?
A. COVID-19 testing is available at Stellis Health for symptomatic patients only. For more information on how to determine if you should get tested, click here. Testing is available with an appointment.

Q. Where else can I be tested for COVID-19?
A. For a complete list of testing locations in Minnesota, click here to visit the Minnesota Department of Health website.

Q. Do you offer COVID antibody testing to determine past illness with COVID?
A. Yes, the lab test is available by appointment at all three of our clinic locations. This test is appropriate for anyone who had fever, respiratory or other symptoms consistent with COVID illness and symptoms were resolved at least 3 weeks ago. Testing is available for current and new patients of Stellis Health. Call us to speak to one of our scheduling specialists.

Q. I just received a COVID vaccine and/or booster shot, can I have a mammogram?
A. The Society of Breast Imaging recommends women wait 4-6 weeks after their last COVID vaccine and/or booster shot to have a mammogram for best results. If you need to reschedule your mammogram due to this, please call our imaging department at 763.684.3737.

Q. Is COVID-19 testing covered by insurance?
A. If you are concerned about your coverage for these charges, please check with your insurance prior to scheduling. If you still have questions, please feel free to call our business office at 763.684.3760.

Q. Is Stellis Health open?
A. Yes! All 3 clinics are open to care for you, just in a different capacity. Depending on your medical need, we are offering care remotely and in person. As our staff resources become more restricted, we remain open but are temporarily changing our operating hours so that we can continue to deliver excellent care to our communities.

Q. I don’t have the technology for video visits, what other options do I have for virtual care?
A. We also offer scheduled phone and online E-visits for medical needs that can be met without coming in to the clinic.

Q. Am I still able to see a provider in person?
A. Yes, if you have a medical need that cannot be met remotely, our providers and staff will work with you for an office visit. Please note that visits such as physicals, well-child checks, DOT exams, etc. must be scheduled in person.

Q. Are you limiting visitors in your clinics?
A. Yes. To reduce the risk of spread of COVID-19 and to keep people safe, we are limiting visitors to only those who are essential for the patient’s physical or emotional well-being and care. One visitor is allowed for OB ultrasound appointments.

Q. My child is due for their well-child check, can I make an appointment?
A. Yes, we resumed scheduling preventative visits for children.

Q. I’m due for a mammogram, is this something I can come in for?
A. Routine screening mammograms have resumed at both our Buffalo and Monticello clinics. Call us if you have questions.

Q. Is your Urgent Care still open?
A. Yes!  Urgent Care is currently available at our Buffalo Clinic from 12pm-6pm Monday-Thursday, from 12pm-5pm Fridays, and from 8am-1pm Saturday and Sunday. We have temporarily closed our Monticello Urgent Care location effective December 7, 2020. Due to high demand and staff shortages, Urgent Care will be by appointment only effective October 4, 2021 at our Buffalo location. For more information, visit our Urgent Care page. 

Q. Am I able to have my Medical Wellness Visit?
A. Yes, at this time you may have your Medicare Wellness Visit done through a scheduled video visit or in-person visit.

Q. When are you going to be open evenings again?
A. Like many businesses, we temporarily shortened our operating hours as a response to COVID-19 and staffing shortages. We will continue to evaluate our operations to determine any changes in operating hours, including resuming evening hours.

Q. I’m due for my annual physical, can I be seen for that right now?
A. For many months, our goal was to keep patients who were due for preventative visits at home to avoid community spread of COVID-19. We have since resumed scheduling preventative visits.

Q. What if I’m unable to pay my bill due to temporary loss of income?
A. We need to hear from you in order to make payment arrangements. Please call our business office at 763.684.3760. We are happy to work with you during this time.

Q. Where can I find the latest information on Minnesota’s response to COVID-19?
A. The Minnesota Department of Health’s website has the most up-to-date information:

Not finding your answer here? Call one of our clinic locations below:

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