Meet Jessica Borgstrom, Certified Nurse Midwife​

“I specialize in providing care to women of all ages, from pre-childbearing years to post menopause. I have a special interest in providing care to low risk OB patients during the prenatal period, through labor and postpartum with the philosophy that these are natural events that need minimal intervention. Being a midwife allows me the time to truly get to know my patients, provide education, and assist women to make informed decisions regarding their care.”



[00:00:00] Jessica Borgstrom: I am Jessica Borgstrom. I’m a certified nurse midwife at Stellis Health, and I do my deliveries here at Center Care in Monticello.

[00:00:12] Jessica Borgstrom: I decided to become a nurse midwife shortly after I began nursing school. I did a short clinical experience with OB care and absolutely fell in love with women’s health.

[00:00:24] Jessica Borgstrom: I think that OB care, and pregnancy, labor and delivery are such pivotal times in women’s lives. And to be able to partner alongside them during that time and help them have the experience that they want is just super exciting to be a part of.

[00:00:38] Jessica Borgstrom: I especially focus on low-risk pregnancy care. People tend to choose midwifery care when they are looking for a more natural approach to their care. I feel like holistic sometimes comes to mind as well. So we talk about all of the options. We talk about what’s recommended and what they want, and then we have that [00:01:00] shared decision making so that we can make those decisions together and the patient feels like they have all of the say in their care and that they are being listened to.

[00:01:09] Jessica Borgstrom: Lots of women choose a midwife to have support through an unmedicated delivery, and that is amazing. I can absolutely help support that. I am also able to support women through medicated deliveries with epidurals or pain medications.

[00:01:23] Jessica Borgstrom: From the time my day starts until the time I go, I really do love my job.

[00:01:29] Jessica Borgstrom: I get to see women throughout all aspects of their life throughout the day. Working in a smaller critical access hospital allows me to be there for my patients for these important times in their life.

[00:01:41] Jessica Borgstrom: I get to follow patients for delivery. I get to be there for them postpartum. Having a smaller clinic and a smaller hospital allows me to have that continuation of care.

[00:01:52] Jessica Borgstrom: It also allows me here in Monticello to be a part of the community. My daughter’s going to school here. My husband is in the school district. Just [00:02:00] being around going to events, seeing patients out in the community has been a really fun aspect of my job.