OB/GYN Care For Every Age, At Every Stage

Women's Healthcare

Our OB/GYN doctors specialize in women’s health with expertise in female reproductive health, including infertility, prenatal care, childbirth (low- and high-risk pregnancies) and postpartum care.
They also provide routine medical care and preventative screenings (pap smears, pelvic exams) for women throughout their childbearing years, from a teenager’s first annual exam throughout menopause. OB/GYNs care for women through all the different stages of life, managing a variety of health concerns along with urinary issues and breast health.

The female health journey from ‘tween to respected elder is completely unique to women. Our expert  OB/GYN doctors and specialists only focus on women’s health and are fluent in the nuances of each stage. Come and experience our comprehensive care from routine exams and preventative screenings to reproductive health, including infertility and all phases of pregnancy.

OB/GYN stands for obstetrics and gynecology. It is a branch of medicine that focuses on women’s health such as preventative screenings, pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care, reproductive health, infertility, menopause, and hormone therapy. It also diagnoses and treats reproductive complications and diseases of female reproductive organs.

Obstetricians specialize in giving care during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. Gynecologists focus on reproductive health and disease from the time of a woman’s first menstrual cycle through post-menopause. An obstetrician delivers babies, whereas a gynecologist does not. Physicians who specialize in both are therefore called OB/GYN physicians.

Routine Care & Preventative Health Screenings

For women throughout their childbearing age, from a teenager’s first annual exam throughout menopause.
Be proactive – schedule regular exams and screenings to remain healthy and ahead of potential irregularities. From school vaccinations all the way through menopause, we can assist you along your entire journey.



Non-Pregnancy Care

Gynecologic health and conditions are a bit awkward, but absolutely need to be addressed. We will treat you not only with expert care, but also respect and sensitivity.
  • Treatment of irregular bleeding
  • Abnormal pap smears and HPV treatment
  • Pelvic pain and painful menstruation treatment
  • Adolescent gynecologic care
  • Endometriosis treatment
  • Treatment of fibroids
  • Menopause treatment
  • Osteoporosis treatment
  • Pelvic floor therapy

Education Empowerment

You deserve to make informed choices about your healthcare.

Compassionate Care

Both your physical and emotional needs are important.

Holistic Healthcare

We can provide you with complete, holistic women’s healthcare.

Female Reproductive Health

Routine medical care and preventative screenings (pap smears, pelvic exams) for women throughout their childbearing years, from a teenager’s first annual exam throughout menopause.
Including, but not limited to pregnancy, reproductive health encompasses the general wellness of your body’s systems and organs pertaining to reproduction. Starting with preventative screenings during teen years, throughout childbearing years, and onto menopause, our experts offer the necessary testing and treatments at every stage.
  • Infertility management
  • Prenatal care
  • Childbirth (low- and high-risk pregnancies)
  • Postpartum care

Inpatient & Outpatient Treatments

Stellis Health specialists are well-versed in surgical solutions and treatments for women with challenging conditions. Whether an in- or out-patient procedure, you can count on us to provide support and information from beginning to end.
  • Hysterectomy – laparoscopy, robotic, or vaginal
  • Endometrial ablation (outpatient surgery for excessive or irregular bleeding)
  • Vaginal reconstruction
  • Incontinence care (bladder control)
  • Correction of pelvic prolapse
  • Surgery for endometriosis
  • Surgery for ovarian cysts/masses


From Maybe to Baby: 7 Ways for a Healthier You, No Matter What You Decide


Health Tips

Questions to Think About

Obstetrics (OB) Baby On The Way

We provide comprehensive obstetrical care from preconception planning to low- and high-risk pregnancy care.
Family planning, pregnancies, and birth plans can be overwhelming topics and experiences. We can assist you with comprehensive obstetrical care every step of the way, from preconception to post-childbirth.
Pregnancy is one of the biggest decisions women face in their lives. That magnitude is not lost on us – our goal is to provide patients embarking on a pregnancy journey with the most inclusive information and top-notch care from family planning to postpartum support.
Our obstetrical care includes:

Prenatal Care


Postpartum Care

We offer two courses that provide education, preparation,
and reassurance throughout your pregnancy.
Learn more about our classes.
Class 1:
Taken early in your pregnancy
– concentrates on the
different aspects of pregnancy
and what to expect, coping
mechanisms, and how
delivery works
Class 2:
Taken early in your third
trimester – focuses preparing
for labor, what to expect
during labor, and coping/pain
techniques and management
Follow-up care pertaining to the adjustment of parenthood, functioning as a family, and body and hormonal changes