I love coming here because when I leave I feel 10 years younger!

Iryna, age 49

I can't believe the time that I save not having to pluck, tweeze, wax or deal with unwanted hair. My skin always feels smooth.

Cindy, age 41

I started coming to the Medical Skin Care Center about six months ago for laser hair removal under my arms. I have come about every six weeks and boy has it made a difference. I have had problems with infection in the hair follicles under my arms and also had an extreme amount of hair. The results have been fantastic. I no longer have the bump or infection and the amount of hair has decreased drastically. I wish I would have know about the services that are offered here locally years ago. I highly recommend the services and kind care at the Medical Skin Care Center.

Heather, age 30

I suffered from unsightly spider and varicose veins for years. You don't have to!

M. More

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