Family Medicine

Sometimes referred to as general practice or primary care, family medicine physicians are dedicated to providing complete health care across all ages, genders, and diseases. Family medicine doctors provide primary care including routine check-ups, preventative health maintenance and screenings, along with managing chronic conditions, injuries, illnesses and more. They often care for patients throughout their lives, from newborns to seniors, and multiple members of the same family.

Serving as a patient’s first contact for any and all health concerns, family medicine physicians can help you navigate the health care system, refer you to a specialist when needed and coordinate any needed hospital care and follow up.

Several of our family medicine providers have been trained to manage pregnancies and deliver babies, in addition to providing the full spectrum of primary care for all ages. They provide family planning, fertility counseling and prenatal care along with labor and delivery, postpartum and newborn care. These providers can care for women throughout their pregnancies along with their newborn and their entire family.

* Family medicine providers who also specialize in obstetrics