Stellis Health Ranks Among Lowest Cost Clinics in Minnesota

The total cost of care at Stellis Health is 15 percent lower than the Minnesota state average, according to the latest report by the Minnesota Community Measurement (MNCM) nonprofit. “We strive to keep our costs down and this report shows that our providers are doing a great job at using health care resources effectively and wisely,” says Douglas Hanson, MPA, CEO of Stellis Health. “We’ve been consistently ranked as a lower cost clinic by Minnesota Community Measurement.”

The report looks at the average costs for the 119 most common medical procedures and services in Minnesota. For example, the average payment Stellis Health receives for an initial physician visit by a new patient is $240 while the average reimbursement at other clinics across the state is $384. The list of procedures, tests and services studied by MNCM includes eye care, office visits, gastrointestinal procedures, imaging, laboratory services, medical and mental health services, physical therapy, OB/GYN and surgical procedures for commercially-insured patients. 2019 results include costs at over 230 medical groups and hospitals in Minnesota as well as neighboring communities in Wisconsin, Iowa and North and South Dakota.

One of the most pressing issues in health care today is affordability. Higher cost doesn’t mean higher quality. Identifying expensive clinics is important in an era of rising health care costs because it allows patients to be better shoppers. MNCM works with the State of Minnesota to design and enhance cost transparency and, ultimately, improve the value of care. To view the full MNCM report, go to