Meet Dr. Rajan Jahanjee, Orthopedic Surgeon

“As an orthopedic surgeon, I treat patients with ailments/disorders of the feet, ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand.”



[00:00:00] Rajan Jahanjee: I enjoy doing pretty much everything in orthopedics. I enjoy doing joint replacements. Sports injuries such as shoulder, knee, and we also do a lot of trauma, both adult and pediatric trauma.

[00:00:16] Rajan Jahanjee: At Monticello, we have all of the latest state of the art equipment and material to use. Some of the specific advancements are that, for example, in a knee replacement, it can be done with a very specific computer modeling, which we are using at Monticello.

[00:00:33] Rajan Jahanjee: In trauma or fracture care, the implants have improved significantly and we are using the latest implants which allow us to place implants with less invasive surgery and again, help with the rehab.

[00:00:44] Rajan Jahanjee: In the sports arena, there are many implants that we are using, which are now non-metallic, and they’re bioabsorbable, so they’ll let you go away and so nothing’s left behind the patient’s body. So those are some of the advancements in all of them we are using here.

[00:00:57] Rajan Jahanjee: I think surgical care is really fulfilling [00:01:00] because I see that we can restore the function for the patient quickly and reliably. And that is one of the very gratifying things about the surgical part of this, of my practice.

[00:01:10] Rajan Jahanjee: I enjoy Monticello. It’s a really laid back community. People are really nice. And I just like the fact that it’s more of a small town environment and people are nice and I will see somebody and then I’ll see their other family members. So there’s a connection that you can form with people, I really enjoy that.