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Early detection of breast cancer is critical to successful treatment. Although routine screening mammography is the most accurate method for early detection, not all cancers are found through mammography. A thorough examination includes a combination of mammography, physical examination and breast self-examination. If you find a lump or other change, contact your health care provider.

Stellis Health offers screening and diagnostic mammography Monday through Friday with occasional Saturday appointments.

Current American College of Radiology (ACR) guidelines and The Society of Breast Imaging (SBI) guidelines recommend screening mammograms and physical breast examinations every year beginning at age 40. Screening should continue as long as a woman is in good health and is expected to live 10 more years or longer.

Talk with your provider about the best screening plan for you based on your individual risk factors for breast cancer. Most insurance plans cover screening mammography as a preventive benefit every one to two years for women over age 40.

Stellis Health also supports SAGE—Minnesota’s Cancer Screening Program that offers free clinical breast exams, mammograms and pap smears free of charge for all patients that qualify.

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