Independent Group Practices = Personalized, Quality Patient Care

How independent practices benefit patients. Navigating the complex healthcare system is undoubtedly a difficult feat. Having options and the ability to make choices that best fit your medical needs is empowering and reassuring. Working with and seeking medical advice from an Independent Group Practice provides an extra level of care and flexibility, while still having all the benefits of a large medical group. Says Brent Wilde, CEO of Stellis Health, “I began my career in the big health systems, including Fairview and the University [of Minnesota], and bigger has not proven to be better. We as consumers need more independence….”

So, What’s the Difference?

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March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month: Know Your Screening Options

When searching for birthday cards at the store, especially for a 50th birthday, inevitably you will find at least a handful with jokes regarding colonoscopies – “Look who’s all grown up and ready for a colonoscopy! Happy 50th Birthday!” There are a multitude of jokes, comics, and memes on the topic, but colorectal care and cancer prevention is no laughing matter. It is estimated that colon cancer causes 50,000 deaths annually. However, if detected early, it is also one of the most treatable forms of cancer.

It may be an uncomfortable topic, but colorectal care and cancer screening should never be ignored. With recently published new guidelines and additional screening techniques emerging, education and awareness is a must. 


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Women’s Heart Disease Is Uniquely Their Own

Unless you’ve been previously diagnosed with a heart issue, when was the last time you worried about your heart’s next beat? Age, date, location, weather, activity – chances are your heart has pumped away tirelessly without you giving it a second thought. There is no time like the present to pay some attention to your ticker, especially amidst the COVID crisis, which has shown it can directly affect the hearts of those infected

“Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women in the United States,” says Kari Fabian, MD, internist and Chief Medical Officer at Stellis Health. “While there are factors like family history outside of your control, the good news is there are ways to reduce your risk for heart disease.”  (more…)

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Frequently Asked Questions About PMS

Group of Women Smiling — Monticello, MN — Stellis Health

Every healthy woman of childbearing age usually contends with the monthly annoyances of the human menstrual cycle. However, up to 40 percent of menstruating women experience an even more uncomfortable problem known as premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

If you deal with especially disruptive, debilitating physical and emotional issues in the days preceding your period, you may want to educate yourself on PMS, from its common symptoms and degrees of severity to helpful remedies that can soothe your discomfort. Check out these frequently asked PMS questions.

Why Do Women Suffer From PMS?

Doctors can’t explain exactly why some women suffer from PMS and others don’t. However, they believe that unusually extreme changes in the levels of hormones such as serotonin, estrogen, and progesterone can produce the disorder, just as they play a role in governing menstruation and other reproductive functions.


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5 Questions and Answers About Hydration

Water accounts for most of a human body’s contents by weight, ranging from 55 percent of seniors’ body weight to 75 percent of children’s body weight. When people don’t get as much water as they need or lose excessive amounts of water, they can experience serious health consequences.

You can help sustain your family’s wellness more successfully once you understand the role of water in human health, sensible ways of getting that water on a daily basis, and the ways medical professionals can deal with dehydration issues. Start by absorbing the following questions and answers.

1. Why Does the Body Need Water?

Water plays multiple functions in the body. Perhaps most obviously, it helps the kidneys filter toxins out of the blood, with the resulting waste expelled as urine. This same process can also help balance electrolytes and other substances that help maintain blood pressure, joint lubrication, saliva production, and healthy digestion.


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3 Practical Ways to Improve Your Child’s Mental Health

How your child’s mind works plays a crucial role in how they feel about themselves. Their mental health dictates a lot about their lives – from how they cope with life’s challenges to how they perceive the world around them.Father and Son — Monticello, MN — Stellis Health

And just like their physical wellbeing, good mental health has a massive impact on their growth and development. Children can develop practical communication skills, proper behavior, and social intelligence earlier in their lives. Such skills become more important as they transition into adulthood.

Although you might not be able to prevent all mental health problems, there are things you can do to give them a boost as they go on to discover themselves with age. Here are three ways that can help boost your child’s mental wellbeing.

  1. Establish Trust

Any solid connection begins with trust. Your relationship with your child forms a pathway for how they relate with other people as they grow older. When your child trusts you, they can communicate what they feel and express themselves using words. Good communication skills will be a huge advantage for them going forward. (more…)

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Water Safety Tips for Parents | Stellis Health

Happy Family Swim Underwater in Pool — Monticello, MN — Stellis Health

As summer temperatures rise and people start enjoying more time outdoors, many kids can’t wait to jump into their local pool, lake, or swimming hole. However, this favorite form of recreation can pose certain risks that parents should know about and protect their children against.

The more thoroughly you understand how water sources, ultraviolet (UV) exposure, and heat or humidity can affect your children’s well-being, the more easily you can provide safety measures that let them swim in safety. Follow these four summertime water safety tips the next time you and your family hit the pool.


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Preeclampsia: A Guide

Pregnant — Monticello, MN — Stellis HealthWhat is preeclampsia and what does it have to do with your pregnancy? Whether your OB recently diagnosed you with this pregnancy-related condition or you just want to learn more about preeclampsia, take a look at the top questions patients have.

Is Preeclampsia Something Only Pregnant Women Need to Watch Out For?

Simply stated — yes. Preeclampsia is a pregnancy-related condition or complication. Women who aren’t pregnant or were not recently pregnant cannot have preeclampsia. Some women do develop postpartum preeclampsia. Even though this complication typically happens within 48 hours of giving birth, you can develop postpartum preeclampsia several weeks after having a baby.

What Are the Primary Symptoms of Preeclampsia?

The three primary signs of preeclampsia are elevated blood pressure, protein in your urine, and edema (swelling). Other than swelling, you may not notice the other symptoms — until you visit the doctor. (more…)

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5 Things You Should Know About Your Gallbladder

Woman Holding a Basket of Fruits — Monticello, MN — Stellis Health

If you have ever known someone who suffered from gallbladder disease or had to have gallbladder surgery, you may wonder why and how this small digestive organ can cause so much trouble. Fortunately, most people enjoy good gallbladder function as long as they follow some smart dietary and lifestyle practices.

Know something about what this small digestive organ does, why its functions might get disrupted, and what you can do to avoid uncomfortable, potentially serious gallbladder disorders. Consider the following five points about your gallbladder’s health and wellness.


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